BassSound.dll missing

Hello !

When I want to use “AudioIn (BassAsio)”,
I can’t because BassSound.dll isn’t loaded… ?
I want to use audio channel 1 to 8 in audioin !

Thank you for your answers.

  • did you place the \addonpack directory correctly next to the \lib directory?

I tried in :

and I tried to merge “girlpower” “lib” and “licences” of addonpack with “girlpower” “lib” and “licences” of vvvv.

Same result ! :(

Not in /girlpower or /lib ;)

/addonpack has to be in the vvvv-main-folder, so your vvvv-folder has to look something like this:


It does not work ! :(

use 7zip/winrar/whatever to unpack. !Never use Windows Explorer!

I use winrar !

ah but it seems from the screenshot that you’re using the 64bit version of vvvv. and in the suitable 64bit addonpack you don’t get the bass nodes as mentioned here: missing in 64bit builds

so please try the 32bit version plus the correct addonpack.

It works, Thanks !! :)