Basic video mixer

Hi guys, just got into vvvv 2 days ago, and must say i’m really enjoying it.

I’d been hunting around on the forums but could exactly get a simple solution to mixing a few video sources. People were talking about writing their own shaders and don’t know what not. I’m not even remotely aware of anything to do with HLSL so I wouldn’t like to comment there, but for a simple video mixer I a group node is more than enough.

In this patch i’ve sort of built up a very basic mixer which can input four sources. It’s not even remotely performance ready, but it can serve as a starting point.

I need some help in a few things like using midi controllers and such. The problem i’m facing here is that when connect the output of a midicontroller node i can’t use the sliders on the IObox. Any help on this will be highly appreciated.

Other than that i’d like to know how to get a list of files that i can select to use in any of these sources. Midi enabled control will be good bonus.


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QuadMixer.v4p (50.5 kB)

You need to check out the tutorials about Spreads a bit better (cons and stalone nodes).

If you have an IObox with an connection on the top (input pin) you cannot manual change it anymore (or you need to change the node you connected to it). So if you want AND a MIDI controller, AND a manual slider, you need to make your own GUI. How ever, you can Switch between MIDI or Manual.

Perhaps you can build something using the DIR node for file selection.

Hope the attached patch helps a bit.

Mixer.v4p (44.9 kB)

Oops, saw the File selection doesn’t let yuo pick any files…

Here is one way for selecting your files…

BasicDir.v4p (38.9 kB)

thanks a lot man. very informative patches. def gave me a good headstart on the ways of vvvv.

but how exactly do you make those curvy node connections.


but how exactly do you make those curvy node connections.

You select the connections you want to use and pres CTRL+Y, it has 3 stages: straight, Bezier (curved) and ehh… blocked…

You should always try to keep connections clear, so you can see where they come from, special with the 'blocked’ones (dunno how to call it) connections overlap, making it hard to see what connection goes with what node.

CTRL+H makes them light grey, and when you ‘LOCK’(CTRL+E, but check the menu with middle mouse) the grey stuff dis-appears.

Another nice feature, select some nodes that are ‘almost’ alligned and press CTRL+L to make them allign on a line, works in both horizontal as vertical state.

the three possible linkstyles are
*Polyline (–>“straight”)
*VHV (which apparently means VerticalHorizontalVertical)

I recommend to stay with Polyline.
please make rare use of the other modes.
analyzing anotherones patches can be somewhat annoying when all links are VHV or Bezier.