Basic animation questions

hello !
i have a simple couples of questions …

-how do you make a spline path to make any object move on this coordonates ?

-i do not understand how to create a simple loop “gotothispoint - goback”, is there an object than mixing lfo waveshappers ?

-is there somewhere a list sorted by categories ?


Here is a small patch for you. In general there a some ways of animating in V4. Phase input of spread-generators like linearspread is also a good way of move from one slice to another.
And there is GetSlice and Switch, which I used in example patch.

As far as I know there is no category for this. I would like to see something like this as well.

animation_basic.v4p (26.4 kB)

hi frank . thanks !
I do not arrive to download the file ( vvvvorum still buggy with thunderbird) but I will (re-) try after a while.

your answer means that I can t create a bezier line and use it as a path for movement, thats right ?

No no, you can. But like most the time, there are several ways leading to your goal.
I added BezierSpread as well. Have fun. (4.1 kB)

I do not arrive to download the file ( vvvvorum still buggy with thunderbird) but I will (re-) try after a while.

I also have that sometimes.

Do this: rightclick the file, and click “save shortcut as”, now it will save a file called: “tiki-download_forum_attachment.php”.

If you just rename this file to tiki-download_forum_attachment.v4p (just rename file extenction to .v4p) you can open it with vvvv.

Why not check out the timeliner if you want to do time based animations?

thanks frank, with bezier spline it makes it very clear !
vvvv need to be practice intensively to answer so easely like this … means I need to practice to find those type of answers…

Why not check out the timeliner if you want to do time based animations?

I prefer to begin to make test with automate and bangs, before thinking of time lines… ;-)))

I was patching this during my coffee brake…

Yes, better start with something simple :)

123.v4p (11.9 kB)

never fill confident with C++ or C#, writiting my C more in basic litterature mode ( ;-P)…
since I discovered 2 or 3 weeks ago vvvv, I have open my rubish and put an entire animation project inside of it … bye bye lines and lines of codes, hello vvvv !!!

no time for cofee but your examples are … waow… thanks a lot !
it will incredibely help to understand the way to handle it.

automata is far more interresting for my actual needs than a timeline. what is interresting is to have a construction, a system, and not a “all the time the same thing”…

Hi guys,

Wouldn’t one of B-Spline’s node do the trick?

concerning the download problems: admin has just fixed something related, please try again now. and don’t hesitate to report such problems in the tikiwiki vvvvorum. we are slow, but we are…

hi joreg, YES you are … ;-)

still some troubles with firefox who wants to download and not to access to some pages ( doc, forum) it nevers occured for me for users pages …
joreg: frank’s first file is still bugging with K-meleon or Firefox…

hi thanks for the tips and patches here. great stuff.
i have a little question on the basic animation if someone would be so kind to help me.

i am trying to reverse the sequence, so that fader movement would be recorded into an IOBox as a spline. I plan to use this as a some sort of timelining system using just a slider. is this more awkward than it seems?


animation_basic3.v4p (25.2 kB)

Kind of releated, but i thought i would post a little patch i did, and (accidently) found out what happens when you attatch a spread to the get slice node!

vvvv…Love it!

LavaLamp.v4p (10.7 kB)

@download problem with franks first file: seems to be fixed now. frank, which browser have you been using when uploading the above file?

Second file/version contains same, but one more - bezier spread.
May be it happened because its not sheltered by a zip…