Barcode reader node


The vl version of the barcode node doesn’t work. (red node)
Did I miss something ?

Thanks for your help

confirmed. seems the referenced ZXing library is accidentally not shipping with beta38.1.

there is a way to fix this locally though:

  1. rightclick the BarcodeReader (String) node to open the vl editor
  2. middleclick the red BarcodeReader node
  3. go to the menu as seen below and rightclick the red ZXing.Net entry to bring up the “Install” option and click that

This should open a commandline and install the package. After a few seconds the nodes should turn gray and work.

Thanks a lot

I installed the way you described and the node turned gray. But if I pass the decode pin on true, the barcode node turn to red and the Decode node in Vl.ZXing.vl is pink. Got the same resut if I send AsRaw BMP in it or not.

thanks again

does the helppatch work?

Thank you.

yes it perfectly works but the perf are really low.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks again

do you need barcode or qr-code detection?

I have not tested the latest updates, by I believe @bjoern added a Barcode reader node here: which I think also handles QR codes. Hope it helps.

also latest VL.OpenCV (included with gamma preview now comes with a new QRCodeDetector.

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