Bar Code / QR Scanner


In this legency thread the stuff was already discussed:

how to use a scanner that emulates a keyboard.

my major problem is that the scanner does his job correct in a text editor but in vvvv it misses all or most of the key inputs.

I realized that the scanner sends and and everytime the vvvv project manager window is opening, even if there is no J (hotkey) in the barcode… Can someone think of whats going on?

I think that hotkey issue causes vvvv to miss most of the relevant frames, too. But i am not sure.

I have to check if the scanner is able to change its CNTRL SHIFT behavior, but if not, what can I do?


qr bar code scanner how it should work but doesn’t (14.2 kB)


@Herbst)) said he would be able to make an upgrade for his ((contribution:global-keyhook contribution so that devices like the QR scanner and RFID would work.

I ran out of time for my project and had to go with Beta 29.2.

ah thanks for clearifying.

i think i can use 29.2 as well.
but in general… how would you approach this if you would need > beta30?
(okey… besides python / processing with udp or -allowmultiple and another beta29.2 running)
would be great if there would be a node for this type of devices.


here is the massage that I get:


can i disable hotkeys in theory?

okey so now I got rid of the hotkey problem.
How can I convert the buffered keyboard string into a normal string?

like in . (a dot)

KeyCode(only the number as value) -> KeyboardState (System Join) -> ApplyModifiers (String) -> String representation of the key

// edit: YAY! My first flagged solution! dance

haha actualy i posted again and had the answer a few seconds later in gaz’s thread ~~ but the ApplyModifiers is good anyway ;)