Bang When FileStream Position Stops Increasing?

Hey gang!

Curious if there’s an easy way/node to monitor a stream of data (say from the FileStream Position Pin) and send out a bang when the data stops increasing/changing?

I’m imagining something like a waterwheel in a flowing stream that Bangs when its rotation stops (or slows) (or speeds up, lol)

Is this a calculus concept? Measuring the continuous change or something along those lines?

Thanks everyone :D

‘FrameVelocity’ combined into an ‘=’ with a 0 value did the trick!

The ‘=’ fires a Bang when the 0 value matches the FrameVelocity dropping to 0.

(Also included a very short ‘Decay’ node between the ‘FrameVelocity’ and ‘=’ to “insulate” against the almost instant framerate variations!)

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