Bang output, please stay longer

dear vvvvorum,

for an actual project, i am commuinicating
with an java server. i use the TCP node, which
works fine, i guess. because the connected-pin
says 1.

my problem:
i can not read the output, because it is too fast.
if there is no output, the io-box string (on the
output pin) is clear. if there is output, there is
a short moment, where a text appears. i can slow
down the patch by using the main loop node. but
there must be a different way.

please help.

thanks a lot.

slow_down.v4p (3.7 kB)

Take S+H for it. This will hold your value. Change node isnt suitable for saving order as it gives a bang at “nil” too. So, equal is the node of choice.

slow_down2.v4p (4.6 kB)

hi frank

thanks for your help!


maybe monoflop could help you.
i used in a different situation but with some similarities.