Bang Key freeze

I have a Timeliner patch with VideoIn as source for VideoTexture.
There are 3-4 chains of TextureFX incl. dottore’s Particles GPU and it’s quite heavy for my system: CPU load 70-80, GPU load 80-90 %.
Everything runs smoothly with 30fps (MainLoop: 30 raw) until I arrive to BANG key on Timeline (either RESET for feedback FX, or switching ON/OFF separate FX Module),
then output freezes for 3-4 sec., PerfMeter drops to 4-5fps with ML?
Interestingly I dont have this problem at all using Video Playback as source for VideoTexture (same content, same resolution).
In my particular patch I can avoid using BANG, but I am curios- is there a way to anti-freeze?


hei dimix,

i’d suggest this has nothing to do with a BANG (as such) and/or timeliner. rather sounds like for some reason videoin gets re-connected or something similar freezing is happening. can you open a tty and see if it spits out something during that freeze?

hi joreg
here we are.
permanently: this magnification filter is not supported by your graphic card??? is it reffering to some shader i’m using?

i think the magfilter warning is not a problem. but there seems to be some filter-re-connection going on (the lines between the magfilter warnings). you should be able to see if this is what takes the time. is it? if so you need to find out why this reconnection is taking place at all. are you changing the VideoIns driver? or is there a switch downstream the VideoIn that gets switched when you bang?

Yes, it is. with Timeliner lot of values are permanently changing and I cant exactly say why especially BANG cause this bunch of removing-adding nodes.
I assume it has to do with ColorSpace Converter for uEye USBcamera VideoIn output.
If I set it to RGB, then some changes downstream flip very often the capture image.
If I set it to UYVY, then BANG problems accurs.
ATM I am with uEyeCam Device and SharedMemory. output RGB. It seems that BANG problem is not there anymore.
we will see. thanks

ok, so you know where the freezing comes from, you know when it happens (on your BANG), so you should be able to debug this to a point where you find exactly what is causing the trouble. just follow your BANG down the nodes and links and see what you need to do in order to reproduce the problem closer to its source (ie. VideoIn…VideoTexture…Quad…).

and you shall notice that neither a BANG nor the timeliner have anything to do with it.