Bang button to Keyboard event

Hi there, I came back to play with Kinect Hitboxes DX11 | vvvv

I would like to use this patch as a game controller like the famous hopscotch or “Himmel und Hölle” game, where your jump from one field to another.

My problem is that I can’t need MIDI or OSC triggers which are used as default in that patch, instead I would like send out keyboard events, because that would be more easy to connect to my Unity game. I need arrow up/down/left/right and Y button.


So… I managed to get the hitbox events to different bang-switches via getslices, now when the switch is enabled, it shall send a virtal keybord press or or whatever, like a bang-typewriter :D
but it doesnt work.
Unfortunately most examples I found are about receiving keyboard signals into vvvv, not sending them from vvvv. Any ideas?

Any ideas?

did you see:


Hey joreg,

not yet, thanks a lot! I just tried Bome MIDI translator which can convert MIDI to keystrokes:

It works, but the MIDI trigger is only played once when colliding with the hitbox, so its really hard to move. For MIDI I’d need piano mode …

ok, that would work, but the button has to be pressed in a row, not once like with S+H (i guess)

so I need the right string to write , when the hitbox is still triggered

maybe I need something which goes back to 0 everyframe to let the trigger send a 1 again ;D

I have a problem with the keyboard-simulation patch: the input values alread are coming from a spread (a list saying box 1-5 is colliding or not). so i dont know how to connect the values from spread 1 (hitbox1 on/off, hitbox2 on/off or 0/1…) to the spread with they key codes from the keyboard-simulator.
I’d probably need to convert the values of the hitbox spread in a way to have a default value 0 (all boxes off), 1 (box 1 on), 2 (box 2on) etc. With those numbers 0-5 it would be possible to trigger the spreads of the keyboard-simulation via getslice…

hei yochee please post a simple patch that shows what you’re trying to do.

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