Bad timming building a Integrate node in gamma

I would like to migrate to gamma , but sometimes I feel stuck due to missing nodes from beta. So, I started building my own nodes again, with the help of @Takuma and this cool tutorial vvvv gamma Learn log | day6 - Designing your own Plugin System - YouTube

But I got stuck on the first one. I would like to have the old Integrate node from beta… maybe there is a replacement already, but I’m focus on the problem of trying to do it myself

This is what I have, It kind of works, but the timing its not ok, If I slow it down from 100fps to 10 fps it drift verry slowly, but still I was hoping to get a exact timing


myNodes.vl (24.7 KB)

I leave the VL doc with the patch

Hey there!
An LFO is an Animation node which has a FrameClock undedrhood. So it diveds the Period with a TimeDifference node. You approach is similar to a FrameBased animation. That is why the out put of those nodes don’t match!

Try comparing your Integrate output with Integrator and IntegratorClamp in Gamma and you’ll notice the difference.

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VL has an Integrator node… which feature are you missing from that?


in your patch, you are adding 1/100 per enabled frame to your number, so this is what you end up with. in other words, you will add 1 after 100 frames.

if you want to be in sync with the real-time, you have to add the time difference between the last frame to the current frame. you can get this number from the IFrameClock with the TimeDifference node. you dont need to connect the frame clock, the default mainloop clock will be automatically set by the runtime.