Bad mapper 3d calibration

Hi there,
Trying to work with bad mapper projector calibration, but can’t figure out how to make new green points to fit the imported mesh. Not sure what is the pcb file format, if it has a connection to this and how to produce it.

hey @shual ,

this is truly not well described in the patch:

  • the mesh-vertices (represented by spheres) can be selected in the renderer window - just click them to make them turn green.
  • the .pcb file is actually just an XML that contains all the info necessary for the mapping which is
    • the indices of the vertices you selected (so you can get the 3D position of the selected vertices from the model)
    • their 2D position in the projected image (which you can adjust by moving the circles in the mapping window
    • the View (position/orientation) and Projection (frustum) matrix of the projector that is caluclated by the calibration process (using the 3D position of the vertices and their 2D positions in the projected image). basically this is your virtual camera in the 3D scene
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thanks @motzi , this explain it all very well. I didn’t try it with physical model, it seems a bit hard to reduce the projection error.
I’m not sure how to project a 2d texture on the model using it’s own UV map. The ProjectorClibrator node is read only so it is not possible to load a texture on it, it can help for the mapping process, but specially for the final output.
On the Reprojection help patch it look as if it resamples shapes from a 3d scene, but it look a bit distorted.