Background suppression needed?

hello all. do i need to have the BackgroundSuppression node included in my patch to elimate the background in the renderer? the reason i ask is because on the ‘mipmap’ patch (see attached) i don’t see a BackgroundSuppression node, yet the renderer output is full screen with no background.



mipmap.v4p (6.8 kB)

hi again…
from your explanation i assume, that you misunderstood the meaning or use of the BackgroundSuppression. its meant to eliminate a certain background image from a video source or similar. the background of the renderer depends on other things, like object size, blend mode, backbuffer clear enabled, etc…

ooops :-)

its strange because while trying to figure out a way to get rid of the ‘background’(the black frame that surrounds the image in the render window) i used the BackgroundSuppression node, and it worked!

thanks for clarifying.

what is the correct way, then, to eliminate the frame around the image in the render window?