B-Spline Module spreadable?

Hey guys!

I’m using the extended module **“B-Spline (3D Surface Normalized)”**from the directory “modules/3D/vvvv group”.

Now i’m trying to spreadmy objects, which seems to be quite difficult. I attachted my approach.

Any ideas?


B-Spline_Spreading.zip (8.6 kB)

No one any idea?


hi katze

i just modified that module to be spreadable in the way you need it. (same control count and resolution for all meshes)

please have a look at the help patch to see that it works in theory. it doesn’t work yet in your patch. probably you need to resort the control points, resample here and there. the module expects the controls spread in that way:

(for all grids
(for all rows (V)
(for all columns (U)
(x, y, z))))

hope that helps…

3D.zip (7.2 kB)

Hi Sebastian,

THANKS a lot! The new B-Spline works well :-)

I tried to integrate it in my own project, but it doesn’t work.
At the moment the B-Spline connects my red reference dots in the wrong order (compare attachement):
object 1 point 1
object 2 point 1
object 3 point 1

The right order wopuld be:
object 1 point 1
object 1 point 2
object 1 point 3

It seems to me, that i have toresort the spread before i use it as the b-spline’s input. Can you please give my a hint how to do that?


B-Spline_Spreading-v2.rar (11.1 kB)

Hi Sebastian!

I now archieved the resorting pf the spread as descripbed above. But it seems to be the wrond resorting!

As i do not understand your modifications in the B-Spline, could you please help me resort my spread?


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tonfilm now told me how to resort the Spread with all coordinates, to make my project compatible with the new spreadable(!) B-Spline:

Thread: resort a spread with coordinates (#2 more complex)