B-spline bin pin?

is it possible ot have some kind of bin pin -like function with B-spline? Like creating sets/spreads independent of each other?

there’s Inputs per Curve and Controls per Curve for that

my case: multiple b-splines, sharing a common “head”, each “tail” has an arbitrary position and in between I ll send some random points to animate them.
I think I don t fully understand how to use the Inputs per Curve and the Controls per Curve.
Can you have a look at the patch or tell me if you know any example which I can look at?

multi-b-spline.v4p (18.2 kB)

Maybe this helps? Not exactly what you are asking for- but still demos using spread inputs.

multi-b-spline-Example.v4p (17.9 kB)

for debuging it’s handy to draw both your full curve and input sample, if that makes sense

Here it is, thanks guys, i am not sure this is the most elegant way to do it but it works.

multsipline.zip (5.3 kB)