B-spline (3D) Follow

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to visualize a real world object which runs along a track like a roller-coaster. Ive been playing with the B-Spline 3d to crate a track and using a second B-Spline to crate a carriage which moves along the track. I’m not sure if this is the most efficient way to do this yet but i am having some issues with the object moving along the track in the visualization.

Ive attached the Patch ive been working on, its very rough at the moment. But if i create a spread of 2 carriages to move along the track the distance between them does not stay exact depending on the value imput i use for the degree pin on the B-Spline. Is this the best way to acheive this and soes anyone have any suggestions on this method?

Thanks in advance


2 WAY BRIDAL root.v4p (50.2 kB)