AVT plugin

Actually i come up with this thread , basically we do need a plugin to read the allied firepackage driver.
We choosed that camera cos has an IR-ccd and results very suitable for infrared application asking high precision.
we never complied such kind of project, not into that stuff, so, ìf anybody is interested in write that plugin or help us doing that, we are interested in paying for that and then, of course, sharing plugin and sourcecode with vvvv.

thank u for interest and keep on patching ;)

Well after a well I tried to write that plugin bymyself, working good, but i have a problem.

From https://vvvv.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vvvv/plugins/c# I downloaded Segment source (Utils), to write into sharedmemory, but everytim i try to use that class, everything stops or dll is not even loaded into vvvv environment.

I followed the way used by joreg in uEYEcamPlugin, that write uEYE cameras frame into shaed memory.

Attached a plugin sample, that just try to create a segment, does anybody can tell me why isn’t working ?

Thank u all and allways keep on patching or DLLing :P

P.S project folder should be into _Samples directory referring to svn tree structure.

TESTSEGMENT.zip (520.9 kB)

Hello, some hours later, still wondering about it…I tried to compile the uEyeCam dll i’ve got from svn , DLL is apparently compiled correctly, but can’t be dropped into vvvv, I’m using beta17, any hints ?

Just for experience sharing, finally I tried to use original SharedMemory Wrapper for Segment, lately i added CopyByteArray method, it works…or at least id doesn’t crash…and DLL is visible inside vvvv,life is strange :)

Now i have 2 ways to retrieve camera frame, as Bitmap or as ByteArray, how can i create a IntPtr pointing to frame according to use Segment copy methods ? :)

Can’t believe in all vvvv community there us somebody able to use a bitmap with shared memory utils :)

My partner was reading this post and said that sigmund freud would be really interested in it :)

Anyway finally it works, will take sometime to put online code, cos from today i’ll not have the camera for further developing, cleaning, improving.

If u need to use a AVT camera ,(especially NIR ccd equiped models), into vvvv, just drop me a line here hierro@losdospesados.net :)