In relation to gui: https://vvvv.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/large/images/AVSMixerInterface.png

AVS-Mixer is a program inspired my @microdee which will take any 4 input windows you specify and mix them in a tree-like fashion - (1+2)+(3+4). Everything in realtime of course. I use it to mix a couple of Winamp’s AVS renderers live in clubs for some non-video VJing. (Some nodes from the AddonPack are needed - tell me if any more are missing…)

So - I have made a git repository, for anyone (@r4dian?) who is interested in downloading or even contributing to (contact me) this beta-thingie…

I promise, the patches are and will continue to be nicely laid-out and (mostly) well-documented :)

Have fun!

I tried messing with this but I can’t figure out how to put the AVS visualization in it’s own window…

Also Winamp crashes constantly when running AVS visualizations, you don’t have this problem Grandchild?

Oh, only just seen this. Thanks for sharing I’ll download and have a poke around soon(ish)

@gilbi - he and I are using AVS in XMPlay. (and I’m also using “Cockos Happy AVS” from the developers of Reaper)

@ Radian, I had the same issue as Gilbi, U have no idea how to do this all. Any links we can use? Idea looks promising :)

It’s gone midnight, so I won’t go into depth, but here are the links:

XMPlay http://support.xmplay.com/index.php
AVS in XMPlay http://www.un4seen.com/forum/?topic=8807.msg60575
Line-in (useful) http://support.xmplay.com/files_view.php?file_id=21
Cockos Happy AVS http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=321482

Also http://visbot.net has some pointers - not to mention all the hottest presets! :D
Cockos AVS is also not really the best, albeit it’s newer, but it can not run all presets (especially not some with more complex coding). I would try vis_avs-2.81b or vis_avs-2.81d from here.

(And yes, I should really do a readme over on github…)

Okay that got a bit more extensive than initially planned, but there is now a nice help section when you scroll down on https://github.com/grandchild/AVS-Mixer