AviParser (EX9.Texture) doesn't evaluate

i made a small subpatch to retrieve the duration of some avi files using AviParser (EX9.Texture) .
it’s really tricky to force this node to evaluate!
i tried with several nodes connected.
*quad and renderer. evaluates only if patch and/or renderer are visible.
*with AsString (EX9.Texture) only evaluates if an IOBox (String) is connected and the subpatch is not hidden. but on startup of patch you first have to hover some outlets…
*Info (EX9.Texture) with a connected Damper (Animation) finally works reliable without excessive perfomance needs. (credits to @oschatz)

getDuration.v4p (6.0 kB)

why does the backlink of the node reference page (click on link in kalle’s post) of the AviParser not link back to this topic?

IMNSHO this is better anyway.
can you imagine how many backlinks FrameDelay (Animation) and creating feedback loops would have?