Av playback problems


I´m new to vvvv so this is kind of a bloody beginners question: I can not playback any sound or videofiles in vvvv (does not matter if wav, avi, mov, etc…)

I´m using a very basic videoplayer patch downloaded somewhere from the forum here (see attached) >> filestream(dshow9) videotextured on a quad and a renderer(ex9) - if I disconnect the texture-object the quad shows up in the renderer.

I do fiddle around with filestream settings, starttime, endtime, loaded different files…what am I missing here???

I´m not completely new to this kind patching - I´m into pd/gem for about 100years…



p.s. I´m currently on winXP +++ directx 9c is installed +++ I can playback this files with vlc-player on this machine

my_video_player_alpha.v4p (14.3 kB)

ai fuji,

for a start please have a look at the help patch of VideoTexure (EX9.Texture). select a file there and it should run. in your patch you go via a switch, which is not a good idea with audio/video connections.

hi fuji, your patch is running ok (video and sound). Be aware that first player is in loop and running the first 4 seconds in loop

my advice is to install a K-Lite Mega codec pack.

VLC embeds a lot of of codecs wich are not installed on your PC. wihc means: you can run a file in VLC and not in VVVV.


thanks for your response!!!

I uninstalled the xvid package and the K-Lite Mega codec pack does the trick!!!

thank you very much.