AV Performance Documentation and Camera Request

Hey node people,
i would need your help making a realy nice documentation of my performance on NODE13 on friday, starting on 22 o clock.

Initialy i wanted to get me a Go Pro headmounted camera for this event, but now i can’t afford unfortunately. So i wanted to ask if someone maybe has this camera or something similar and is willing to help producing an awesome performance video?

I also would need as many as possible people with their DSLR for capturing the projection, capturing the crowd and to capture the Close Up.

The optimal outcome I would like to produce is a serious short movie to hand in to all kind of movie festivals. But of course also the whole recording of the set.

So the whole palette of activitys are very welcome: from fully caring about the light and setting up camera mounts to just filming a few minutes by Hand and giving me the material afterwards.

I gonna arive on wednesday. If you want to discuss more, write me a short mail to davidgann@symbioticcube.com or post here in the thread.


will bring a gopro hero2 with head mount and wifi pack to node. you can probably have it for your performance…

wow tonfilm i am so happy about that! thanks!

Canon 550D and shaky hand at your service.

Make that two 550D and another shaky hand.

perfect! looking forward to meet you!

I’ll bring a Canon 600d, and Tripod :-)

thanks for the documentation. I received some video but on the video I see way more people making photos and video :)

and i am still missing ‘the’ perfect press photo.

please contact me if you have good material. I realy can need it as promo material for more shows. :)

-> davidgann@symbioticcube.com