AutoPlay hap videos - connection not allowed

Hi all,

I’ve got a patch selecting a random video from a playlist each bang. Some of the videos are shorter than the time between bangs, so I want to be able to automatically play a new video from the playlist if that happens.

^ This logic takes the remaining and sends out a hasFinished bang when they are less than 8 frames.

^ In the logic for selecting a new video i have an OR which has the bangs coming from the patch on one side, and another bang which should be connected to the hasFinished bang.

The problem is i’m not allowed to connect the bang. Thinking its because it would cause some kind of recursion/infinite loop?

If anyone could help me out with how to get around this i’d be very grateful :)

yea you will need to use framedelay however you should be careful about that

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hey thanks. I’ll have 3 players doing this ultimately - should i worry about performance - I read that using sample+hold is a good way to stop things running every frame perhaps i should use that here to control the flow?

In that case most performance hit would be from working player, so you want to pause that if you don’t need it, few nodes won’t hit that much…
S-H used when you have large spread calculation with few ops… In most cases performance hit is’t that big

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