Automatically determine a video's framerate

Hi guys,

First of all, let me say that after NODE08 I came back home really full of joy and very motivated to work on my stuff. NOD E08 was great! Thank you to everyone, both organization and participants!

I’m trying to create a wrapper around FileStream allowing for frame based seek capabilities, instead of only time based.

And the question is: How can I automatically determine a video file’s framerate?


ai nuno,

there is this nasty AVIParser node which would tell you an avis framerate. needs to be connected to a renderer though…

hey joreg,


But the fact that it has to connect to a Renderer… do you think it degrades performance? What would you do? Would you leave framerate as an input parameter of FileStreamFrameBased or would you use AVIParser to detect it internally?

Now that I think, actually leaving it as a parameter does make the patch more flexible, in case someone wants to play a video with a low framerate 1920 style :)


right, i’d also say leaving the option to the user is fine.

yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll leave it as an option.