AutomataUI -> Group(ex9) -> renderer(ex9) after second state black


i have done a quiz with automataUI which worked out perfect for me.

I have al states (questions and options for answers) in different subpatches(consisting of images and audiofiles) and these subpatches are linked to a group (node) which is linked to the renderer (node).

My problem:
If i link only the first three subpatches to the Group (node) everything works fine. As i link more to the group node the renderer stays black.

_root.v4p (107.0 KB)


can you provide the full project ? there are subpatches missing. it is hard to tell what’s going wrong here.


Thank you!

Shure. Here is the full project. The missing subs here are the same as the ones i added. They are copied and pastet.

kids_quiz.7z (11.6 KB)


its not working like that, still lots of stuff including images missing.
it makes more sense if you strip down your problem to one patch.