Markus4 writes:


state event newstate bang ->

  • event newstate bang

possibility to enforce a state.

from my old automata wishlist

Each state gets an output pin by default

Make trigger output optional, but allow multiple triggers
State OnEvent NewState
Intro OnStart Run StartMotor StartMovie StartLights

Have delay time exposed as optional pin (everything in brackets)
State (Delay) NewState

Make timed state outputs run from 0 to 1 depending on the time

Allow wildcards in naming fromstates and events to generate multiple rules at the same time

  • onReset default
    Start* onStop StartOne
    Run* On*Error Error

State wildcards will create new outputs with the results or´ed ;
Event wildcards will create no outputs

Allow logical not for events and fromstates

Having a little texteditor to write the code.

have you tried a right-click on the text in the inspector?

anyway a little graphical editor would be nice ;)

You are too neat guys ;)