Automagically filter nodebrowser with matching type

I know this would probably be for longer term, but now that you can create a node by just typing while creating a link, it would be nice to have the node browser directly showing you relevant category for that link. for instance, nodebrowser “should” only display GUID here since the pad is annotated :



yes, thought about this very often… if you have a type, it would be nice to be in that category already. however, there might be many more nodes that have pins that accept a certain type. for example super types, or just other operations that are not in the category. to get these nodes, you would need to remove the pre-filtering.

p.s. Create [GUID] will make a guid with all zeroes, usually you want NewGuid [GUID]

eh, thanks :3

edit : @tonfilm did some test, isn’t that behavior weird ?


Ok so if you have a node set to Create, linking an IOBox after it’s been assigned shows the default value instead of the actual one ? Just tried that with a Random node and it shows the same behavior.


lol, i probably changed that myself a few weeks, ago…

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