Auto align links with pins

was thinking about this when re-ordering pins/cleaning patches : would be cool if we could select a bunch of I/O pins and/or IOboxes and get a shortcut that would automagically align them with the inputs/outputs they’re plugged to. something to automate that kind of layout :


(and maybe, maybe, also arranging them from top to bottom like in the screenshot, but maybe I’m getting too psychorigid)

… shall we call this a VL linter ? :)


Psychorigid :)
Nice, I am a fun of the Ctrl+L shortcut! Maybe the next one will be Shift+Ctrl+L?
It would also be nice to have a style option to choose between gray-scale and color.
We like tha gray style!


maybe I did not get you, but CTRL+SHIFT+L already allows to distribute nodes!


You got it!
I forgot, I am sorry!
Thank you for your patience.

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