Audiopack - route two stereo signals to separate outputs on Scarlett 6i6

I am trying to route two audio signals to separate outputs of a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Interface.

I am using the Matrix Mixer, having defined 4 Output channels, but no matter what: both Stereo signals always playback on the main Stereo-Ouput Pair of the Interface.

Is there any node where I can explicitely define to which outputs the signals shall be routed?

In Windows Sound Menu, the Audio Interface is listed as one device. It’s 6 output channels are not listed separately.

Has anyone been using a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 with the Audiopack?

Thanks in advance!

open scarlett mixcontrol software > routing preset > Mixing

file > save to hardware

Did that, but still same behaviour.
I’ve attached a demo patch, maybe someone can tell me if I am missing anything on the vvvv side?
(using beta33.3_x86)

demo (1.0 MB)

hi niggos,

i think you just misunderstood the in/out level matrix of the MatrixMixer and that the AudioOut always sends the first input slice to the first output, the second slice to the second output and so on. i guess an input to define an offset would be handy here. i’ve made a github issue for this.

Anyways, everything is spreadable, so no need for the Zip/Unzip stuff… see patch.

AudioOutput2.v4p (18.6 kB)

jap, that was the case. Works now as expected, so thanks for the help!