Hi folks,

I’m new to VVVV; started into it a few days back, went through all the tutorials/video tutorials and I have a little Max/MSP experience…

When using Filestream, I can only route the output once… I want to route it to an AudioOut node as well as a RMS node so I can tweak visualizations while hearing the music. Is there some preliminary node i can use? Am i going about this the wrong way?

Any links to tutorials/guides on the audio side of things and generating visuals would be really helpful.



ai cdm,

does this thread help?
audio is a rather weak point of vvvv. you could try the nodes in category bass that come with the addonpack for an alternative to the default soundengine.

hi joreg,

thanks a lot that thread seems to answer it. i’m basically looking at scaling amplitudes from multitracks to power 2d visualizations instead of using stuff like LFOs and timed bangs.