AudioIn(DShow9) - only one channel of multi-channel audio interface selectable

Hello there!

Is anyone out there who has worked with multi-input audio interfaces (e.g. and multiple FFT nodes?
I’m working on a project where I want to analyze and process the input of different musical instruments.
As everything must happen in realtime I’d be interested in issues like performance, latency and stability.

you need to use the bass asio nodes in the addonpack to use more fft-nodes

@suneep I’m not sure you do, the driver exposes the inputs as seperate stereo inputs so you can use 1 fft per stereo pair, but then does the FFT work in mono or stereo, in osx at the mo so can’t look…

Thanks for your replies!

@catweasel: I’m a bit confused by your statement that you can use 1 fft per stereo pair. As far as I know the driver exposes each input seperately. So if the interface (like the one I posted a link to) has 8 (mic-/mono-)inputs, I could select each of these seperately in the audio-in node. Isn’t that correct?
I suppose it depends on the audio interface and its driver.

ahhh and any experience with multiple fft/audio-in nodes concerning performance??

if you’re using win vista or win 7 you can use multiple devices at the same time without asio. just create an AudioIn (Dshow9) node for each one

Hi there,

in vvvv you have acces to separated analog and digital stereo pairs.
Everything then comes from your internal routing.
What you can do, for exemple, is to route your audio signals as mono.
Doing so ou can analyse 2 audiofeeds with one FFT node by splitting left and right channels. Means 4 FFT nodes for 8 independent channels analysis. Did some testings with ADAT and works really well too.

Everythings ok in temrs of performances, at least there :)

btw: eard that fastrack 8r won’t show separated inputs. Needs confirmation though.

Reactivation of this thread:
I just got a ‘Presonus Firestudio Project’ Firewire Audio Interface. 8 Channels.
Problem is, in the AudioIn(DShow9) node there’s only the first channel selectable.
I’m running Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit. In the record control the audio interface is only shown as one single microphone and I activated ‘show deactivated devices’.

Even tried vux’ nice Bass ASIO AudioIn without getting any signal plus having lots of crashes.

Does anyone have any vvvv/Win7 experiences with one of these audio interfaces concerning single channel accessibility?
MOTU 828

If not or besides that, recommendations to other multichannel audio interfaces (at least 4 Inputs) that are working nicely in vvvv/win7 are highly appreciated!!

Motu UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid is working for me

the motus should work. what you need is a multi channel WDM driver for your card. then you can select 1+2, 3+4, 5+6, … as input device at the AudioIn node.

funny, I came to the forum for the very same question, I just agot a cheap Alesis IO4 sound card but with AudioIn I only can see one single driver, not 2 stereo driver as expected.

…and in beta26 I can t see the AudioIn(bass asio) node…

I think I am going to take back the sound card, it s pretty useless in vvvv.
It seems to work with ASIO4All but there is something strange:

Input 1 goes to Channel Index 0

Input 2 goes to Channel Index 1

Input 3 goes to Channel Index 1

Input 4 goes to Channel Index 3

also, AudioIn (Bass ASIO) is not present in beta26 but in beta27.

I tested it with Ableton and SX or MME driver only offer 2 channels while ASIO offer 4 channels.