AudioIn doesnt play sound

Why doesnt my AudioIn play sound on my laptop speakers?
I am pretty shure the driversettings are alright…
help me!!!


Cube.v4p (25.8 kB)

We all had to learn one day, welcome to the forums.

The filestream only loads/plays an media file, but doesn’t show it or blow it out your speakers. If you look at the helpfile of the filestream, (click on filestream and press F1) you see the three options, AudioOut, MidiOut and VideoOut).

Since you want sound, connect an AudioOut node to the Audio pin of the filestream… and POOOOOF we have sound. For starters, go with the AudioOut (DShow9) one.

The way you connected the LOOP button to Filestream and AudioIn is not the best way, better connect everything to the Y-value pin (the most right). You are right, it works now, but if you are going to use another way to trigger the Loop button, with other nodes, it is not going to work.

Good luck, any more questions, be free to ask, if you have Skype or MSN, get in touch with the vvvv-gang

PS: Your patch reminds me of an old one I did. (If I can find it, I will upload it!!)