AudioAnalysis Audio Driver Help


I just started with vvvv and got stuck when using the AudioAnalysis node as visualisation source.

I’m using Win7 and I only get the Mic as Audio Driver. What do I have to do to use another source, e.g. an MP3?

Maybe this question is already answered somewhere else, but I can not find a search function in this forum (?)

Thanks a lot!


if you want to use am mp3 as a source for audio analysis you can use the node FileStream (DShow9) to load an play the mp3.


For internal sound recording be sure to select ‘stereomix’.

Under 7 you might need to make appear hidden devices under system sound panel.


Hi everybody,

I’m really new to vvvv and I need some help with FileStream and related nodes.

Actually I’m able to play video/audio files with FileStream, and played around with nodes and pins, and it works fine with every kind of file I’ve used.

Now I would like to use an audio file on my hd (.mp3, .wav, .whatever) to simply transform a quad, - Yep. Audio-reactive stuff. Don’t blame on me.

But I can’t understand how I have to build the patch, since the AudioIn patch (copied from help file) seems to need a cable into mobo mic input to give any good response - though patch renders something, and this maybe no good - and FileStream just plays the files, and seem to have no other use; I mean, it’s like is intended to be used simply at the end of the chain.

So can you help me posting a simple patch containing basics (and plus telling me if I’ve guessed wrong things about AudioIn and FileStream)?

Thank you very much!

P.S. The definition of FileStream, when you search for it 2clicking and type the name of the node, says something like “render steam” and not “stream”, which actually should be the correct word. Hope it’s helpful :)

EDIT: I found that AudioRecordSelector doesn’t find any device to work with. Mmmh…
This ain’t no good…
Anyway, while I’m looking for audio drivers, anyone knows of any issue related to m2n-mx se plus mobo and winxpSP3?
Thanks a lot.

FileStream can t send both to audio out AND to fft, it is a Windows limitation, so what I usually do is just using 2 Filestream and play them together, one goes to fft the other to AuioOut.

Thanx for the hint!
Now I’m fighting with audio drivers, 'cos I found something not working properly, and actually sound is lost. S**T!!! I need a new Everything. /Hail to Restore System Configuration!

EDIT: In a certain way it was so simple to understand. Thanks! Now I’m a satisfied quad squeezer.