Audio writer..?

is there a possebility to write an audio stream into a file (i.e. avi) like the writer-directshow–node does it with video? even better would be to merge a video- and an audio-stream and to write both in one avi…

sory mono. audio-writer and audio/video muxers are still missing and to be honest i don’t really see them coming soon.

ok - thanx joreg - any suggestions for workarounds? i can’t believe that i’m the only one who would need that…

can you describe your task a bit wider? i would use pd for generative sound-stuff. for multiplexing audio/video to an avi-file tools like graphedit, quicktime pro, virtualdub or ave may help.

i’ve got a live videocam input and an audiofile (on disc, doesnt change). at a certain event the live video input and the audiofile (the user should also listen to the audio) should be recorded and written into a file with a certain filename for one minute. afterwards the file should be uploaded onto a web server - so no time to merge video and audio by hand/ the files have to be converted and uploaded automatically.
everything works fine so far - exept vvvv does not write the audiostream into the avi file… so i have to mux video and audio externally and automatically. i think virtualdub should do that using a joblist… and vvvv could tell vdub to do it. i think that could work, but didn’t control an external prog so far. and i’m afraid the performance could go down when muxing externally - but i think that’s the only way. i didn’t try ave so far, vdub’s script languange is a little bit tricky but i will work on that and maybe there is a solution on serverside.
for any other suggestions i would be grateful…

@joreg: but wouldnt writing a Writer (DShow9 Audio) merely a copy&paste thing from the existing Writer (DShow9)?

i agree that automatic internal muxing would complicate things a lot, but someone could easily do this later with some command line thing.

right. the audiowriter should be ratger easy to copypaste.

hm - i would try it - but how can i get the Writer(Show9) patch “source”…?

nono. sory. you can’t. i meant it would be easy for us to do…will see…

mono. would it help you to have a node that is exactly the same as Writer (DShow9) but only has an audio-input instead of the videoinput. that node would also write .avi files that only contain audio track, but no video track.

for my case of application unfortunately it would not help to have that node. but in general it would be very useful i think. even better would be a node that writes both video and audio into an avi file or a mux-node. that would also solve my problem… )