Audio reactive sphere

hi everybody! i’m a newbie and i need some help. actually i’d like to built a patch which looks like a dynamic sphere that would react in function of audio frequencies.i know that this is a bit fuzzy but for now i just need some hints and nodes that you would recommend me.

Wel, a good node to start with is creating a node called BeatTracker (DShow9) and open its helpfile (press F1)

The node FFT will do the analyzing off seperate frequenties for you, so master your spreads and it will kick ass :)

Also good to check out all the patches in girlpower, learn vvvv a bit better and see how you can combine it all.

Desaxismundi already helped me with showing me the different works
for nodes line and transform
thx West

helpppppp meeeeeee pls :)

helpppppp meeeeeee pls :)

hold on we are comming!!!

(no idea what this is about, so sorry for spamming)

just plug some great music!

thx VIKTOR is excellent I will consider this patch I want something more stable I want to say that is more faithful to a sphere

hi! not a mesh, but you might like it as well…

may the quads be with you!

QuadSphere.v4p (21.1 kB)

hey, thx sinus for this patch :)