Audio questions

I would like to be able to play back multiple video files with sound, and route/mix their audio to multiple audio outputs (8 in this case). In essence do positional audio output coming from multiple independent video file playbacks.

The VAudio package has wonderful capabilities, but I cannot see how to get audio from the FileStream DShow9 or VLC nodes into the VAudio system. The VLC nodes in particular just send the audio to the default audio output and have no audio output pin.

So some questions:

  • Is there any way to get the DirectShow audio stream into VAudio? Recording the “Stereo Mix” with VAudio won’t work, as all the video playbacks would be mixed together.

  • Is there any way to route the audio from the VLC nodes to a specific device? “Command line” switches on the input file pin?

  • How hard would it be to add an audio output pin to the VLC nodes to make them like FileStream(DShow9)?

  • Are there virtual audio adapters that would help? Audinate makes an excellent “Dante Virtual Soundcard” that gives you 16x16 audio channels, which you can cross-point switched, but it works in either WDM or ASIO, so I can’t use it for output with DShow and input into VAudio at the same time.

  • Any other approach? Like maybe running ASIO4LL over the Dante VSC in WDM mode? (KLUDGE!)

Thanks a pantload!

Oh, and lest I mislead, Dante Virtual Soundcard only cross-points between devices, not on the same device. Seems like a major omission…

Now I KNOW I can’t be the only person who wants to play multiple videos and route the sound into! Any ideas at all on this? Am I missing something simple?

Thanks folks.

no, you didn’t miss out on anything, audio from video into VAudio would be great and I think necessary for it to be THE way to do audio.

Tonfilm talked about someone, can’t remember who, who managed to get audio into VAudio from video in vvvv by using jack in a clever way to route DSHow audio into ASIO4all and back into VAudio but it is quite a hacky way to do it.

Aha! I found this thread (oddly by using Duck-Duck-Go, did not find it with vvvv search!):

So will test to see if a virtual audio connector can be used with ASIO4All…

I don’t know if this is of any help… I just render the audio seperatly in my video-software, and play it synced through vaudio…

Thanks drehwurm, I was going to try that. But I am concerned about sync issues, as I need to use the Boygrouped video player to preserve sync across systems and am concerned about lip-sync drift. But I’ll give it a go!