Audio playlist

i’m just wondering:
is it possible to have a list of many different audiofiles and vvvv itself chooses which one to play next??? so that there is no real playlist but a list which always changes…?? if yes, can you give me some hints?

thank u!

some nodes to check:

Dir (File)

GetSlice (String)

Random (Value)

TogEdge (Animation)

open your music folder with Dir (File) and use Getslice (String) to get one of the filenames …

thank u!!i tried to do it, but i still have some problems… i only achieved to random one song , or else the beginnings of all songs in my playlist. but how can i random the whole songs (so that vvvv first plays song number 3 in full lenght, afterwards number 7, then number2 and so on)???
see also the attached file!

thanks… Tabea

me again!! i tried a different path (with todedge) now and it funvtions pretty well, the only problem ist that it still does not play the whole single files but only parts of them! how can i get it??
see again the attached file : )

halo tabea.

i patched you a little playlist and added some explanations. hope that helps.

togedging the mainloop was not a so good idea. you can use the mainloop to set the maximum framerate of vvvv. you’ll most likely not need it for your playlist.