Audio Player and Write

Hello, I am trying to write audio into a video file, but it seems that the audio data I am getting from the AudioPlayer is incorrect, and I am also unable to write the data into a file. What should I do now?

The wavwriter writes to wave files. They are audio only.

@sunep Thank you for your response. I now want to write an audio file. What node should I use for this? Or is it possible to convert the audio file into a waveform file?

you have the correct node.
As far as I remember, the wavwriter only write mono wave files, so you need to put the wavwriter in the foreach loop and make the file name different for each buffer, eg. L and R if you are working in stereo. I don’t know if the audio engine has been updated in this area and is capable of recording multitrack wav file now. @tonfilm or @joreg should know this.

The patch in the screenshot only records the audio that is in the AudioPlayer. If that is the final use case, there are many better ways of doing that, with screen recorders or something like Voicemeter Banana or similar.

I also some times dream of better audio support in gamma (VST cough cough)

i’m afraid no.