Audio FFT how?

Hello, I am new to vvvv,and I have just managed to build a patch for communicating between csound and vvvv using OSC, and also have done some experiment with shaders, but I don’t understand how to use FFT4Channels. I want to play a sound file from disk and analysis it. AudioIn seems designed for working with input device (sound car) ?
I have search though the site, have tried many patches, but no way.
Thanks for helping me on this subject (that should be easy, hope so)

try the node “filestream” its plays both video and audio…

I can connect filestream to FFT, but not to FFT4Channels. How to use FFT4Channles with a Filestream?
Also, the inspector for FFT says that this is only working with AudioIn !?

sorry, haven’t read your previous post exactly. FFT4Channels is a module. that means that its just a subpatch, containing nodes itself. when you rightclick the fft4channels-node, a new window opens up showing its containing nodes. there you can see the plain fft node i was talking about, and an audioin-node connected to it. you just can delete the audio-in and replace it with a filestream, but i think its better to take the audiosource (audio in, filestream) outside of the module. have a look at my attached modification of fft4channels…

FFT4ChannelsMod (DShow9 Resample).v4p (34.5 kB)

Thanks a lot for these patches and your quick help!. I better understand these modules now, and it works.
Continuing my journey in vvvv… so many modules and patches to explore