Audio driver not working

I’m trying to play a simple audio file on a computer for an audiovisual installation, but vvvv doesn’t show any audio drivers and there is no sound.
when I open the patch, a window opens with the driver config but there is no option to choose. when I press Enable I get this error: Config couldn’t be changed. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
I installed asio4all, flexasio and connected an external usb audio card, but none of them are recognized by vvvv. the computer itself and other softwares can see these drivers and can play any audio file, but inside vvvv I can’t make it work.
any ideas about a way to make it work???

this sounds very odd. i don’t really have any idea here. can you send a screenshot of how the VL.Audio Configuration window looks for you?

and do you have a chance to test this on a different PC?

Very odd indeed! I’ve never seen this error…
Here is a photo of the window error.

Yes. I’ve tested in other pcs and it worked in all of them. It’s a problem with a specific computer.

You can try to disable/uninstall the audio drivers you don’t need in the windows settings. I think the enumeration of your audio devices crashes somewhere…