Audio developers out there?

As announced on node 13, there are some serious considerations about generative audio in vvvv going on. In the last days i was talking a lot with @beyon)) about such a system and how it would integrate into vvvv, ((user:zeos also joined us occasionally.

Now the question is, whether there are others who want to join us. Especially people who have experience with audio engines and their architecture would be helpful at this stage. The first steps are not about audio algorithms, but about stuff like:

  • what kind of calculations should be done in the audio interrupt and what can be done elsewhere
  • how to handle audio formats in a general way
  • how are time, bpm and note events handled in an optimal way
  • how is data transfered from and to the vvvv mainloop with least possible latency
  • how to handle plugin/algorithm latency
  • how to minimize latency overall

If you like that sort of questions or you know someone who does, please get in touch with me.

@jhno / John Eichenseer ?

ah jhno, good idea, thanks.

oder Stefan Franke der sitzt ja quasi um die Ecke…

I’m an audio engineer and developer who’s made a bunch of plug-ins for Buzz (“joachim” @, which is also a free but closed source project not quite unlike vvvv. I’ve also made VST plugins, and have done direct programming of the audio chip on the Amiga. Now, I might not be the most skilled C++ coder out there, but I do know a lot about how audio engineering works in both theory and real life.

I just had a phone call from a friend of mine who’s an avid vvvv user, who told me about this thread. If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll gladly contribute with whatever I might know which could be useful. I’ve also joined your IRC channel.

go Joachim!

I have some basic knowledge of DSP and audio algorithms, and will gladly help where I can.

Great to see some effort in this area :)