Audio analysis

Hi buddies! I need some help on the AudioAnalysis node.
Is it working on 45beta25.1?

To test it, I had to switch again to 45beta25.

Is it supposed to work with the audio stream I’m playing out of VVVV?
I’m playing an mp3 with winamp, I selected the right audio card (I have only one :) and seems it is not reacting…

The same happens with AudioIn.

check your audio card recording device - you need to set it to “Stereo Mix” or “What you hear”

I did it… Looking inside the AudioAnalysis I found it works on the AudioIn node. That is not working on my Vista 64…
This is what I see, and even if I stop the Winamp player nothing change :/


Where it says ‘DigitalIn’ this will be your soundcard’s external digital input, SPDIF or something. If there’s an AudioIn option there, choose that.

Otherwise it’s an issue with your soundcard’s driver, you need to make sure in any driver panel you have for your soundcard that StereoMix or What You Hear is enabled, and being ‘listened’ to. I know it’s vague but it really depends what soundcard/driver you’re using.

Also you should turn up the volume on Winamp to monitor the audio at the correct level.

Now it works! The */&%$% StereoMix was disabled AND hidden!

Thanks a lot!

BTW last question: it is normal that I got so much noise level when I have no music playing (see the first picture)?

Glad you got it working!

That’s a classic annoying thing in Win7, the card in/outs are always hidden.

The noise is the Realtek card being cheap and dodgy, i think. I get quite a lot of noise when nothing’s playing on my laptop, but it’s at most 5% of the volume of normal music, and isn’t there when any audio signal is being processed. I think it’s just poor performance from the audio card.

ok thanks! :D

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