Audio analysis

Hello, I’m working in an audio analysis project where the sounds can control the position in the time of the video.

what do you recommend me?

Try here:

Hi, i could not recommend anything but i can tell you what i did: something with beatbang and doseek.
The beatbang do the seek and seek position is the playing position (you have to use framedelay to make that loop) + a value i change with a knob (min -5 / max 5). It allows me to navigate in the video jerkily and to make short iregular loops where i want (putting the doseek addition to something like -1 or less depending of the music). it’s a bit chaotic but with a button to switch to normal playing you can calm things down and make kind of loops on the fly.

Pretty general question, but I’ll try…

For audio analysis you can either use either DirectShow (DShow9 nodes)
*AudioIn (DShow9), RMS (DShow9), FFT (DShow9), ScopeSpread (DShow9)
or Bass (Bass nodes)
*AudioIn (Bass), RMS (Bass), FFT (Bass), ChannelData (Bass)
to get some values.

For analysis BeatDetector (Value) and BeatDetector (Bass) are useful.
In general, just have a look in the DShow9 and Bass categories to see what is there and what could be useful to you :)

If it is a short video or you have huge video memory available I highly recommend to convert it to single textures, works a threat. Remember to pre-load.

there is a module called (guess what!?): AudioAnalysis (DShow9) and SplitAudioAnalysis (Spreads), which combines the most common techniques for sound analysis.