attractorVS in a multitouch variation

hello all,

i want to modify the attractorVS in girlpower to working in a multitouch table.
i have done the video traking in another computer that divide the table in a grid of 8*6 cells and sends to vvvv midi note: 0 for no presence and 1 for precence.

i have the first row that are notes 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7
after the second row are 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
and so on for 6 rows…

How i can organize this 48 notes (i have 48 MidiNote nodes that are listen for the 48 notes sends) in a grid or in a iobox (value advanced) like the one used in attractorVS?

thanks a lot

try GridSplit (2d) .

i try gridsplit but my problem is how to create a matrix from 48 separated midinote, maybe i don’t understand gridsplit or i have in mind a wrong approach…
i have 48 mininote that are sending 0 or 1 and i need a matrix as the disposition of the iobox that rapresents the area of video trakking.

You can see in the patch this very basic situation…

It’s possible to have an iobox divided in this 8*6 grid and the 48 spreads triggered by the 48 separate midinotes??

I’m sure it’s a very stupid thing but i don’t understand how to made it.

Please advice me


matrixofmidinotes.v4p (40.5 kB)

like this?

spread_midinotes.v4p (1.8 kB)

or this?.. no text …

spread_midinotes.v4p (5.3 kB)

wow it’s work great! thanks a lot woei and tonfilm, i understand a little more all spreads thing.

But another upgrade: i need a trigger every new incoming midinote to the array, every time one of the 48 note change from 0 to something a bang must start an lfo.
I think i need to wacth in the former slice out pin of select , but how to listen there for any added spreads?

all the best

TogEdge (Animation) senses “Upwards” changes
Change (Animation) senses all changes
and OR (Boolean) Spectral will “OR” your spread of changes…

ok thanks a lot for the supports all is working now,
i have one dreams, to use the attractor.fx ,included in the girl power, in the water.v4p that need x and y output for the damper and oscillator filtering, but i don’t understand if it’s possible to extract this value from ex9layer output of the shader attractor or if i need some other workaround.

thanks a lot