Ati's "eyefinity", directx11 and multiscreen

hello friends,

we’re planning a permanent multiscreen projection including 8 projectors and (nearly) 360 degrees of projection. Using several video cards we will obviously run into the old and really nerve-wracking problem of videos only playing on one video card at a time using directx. as we need to be able to play video, solutions are

  • stop programming in directx/vvvv ;(
  • get a funding for a nvidia plex system, which would be cool anyway, or
  • use the new radeon 5850/5870. this card has 3 outputs, amd tech support confirms that 3 of them would give us 9 outputs, all grouped to one big screen capable of playing games in fullscreen mode, using ati’s new “eyefinty” technology. but although i’ve stressed several times I’m working on directx9, tech support never gets clear if this was only working for directx11- can anybody bring light into this?
    oh and we’ve never worked with vvvv on ati’s, any problems you know about?

thanks in advance


given the complexity of the tech involved, i fear you can only try and see if it works.
also, isn’t it one video per (physical) outlet, not per graphics card?

it would be too awesome if eyefinity would work without hassle! :)

@videos playing on one video card at a time: check videoout (shared memory)

depending on the resolution needed you could also use 3 triplehead2go. you would miss out on a patch screen, but that could be on a second graphics card.

of course it would need to be confirmed that the tripleheadds would work in sets of 3… sets of two has been confirmed working by other vvvv’ers

Or offer Joreg some cash to make videos on seperate heads work…;)
Or use multiple machines and syncing…

@cat: i’m not that much a fan of the multi-machine idea, but why don’t you convince me having a beer on what- thursday? :)
i always thought this was a directx limitation, not one of vvvv? so

@ joreg: how much cash are we talking about? :D


thursday it is… i’m already curious to hear about this project of yours…;-)

It clashes with a tag tool workshop I’ve been invited to unfortunatly :(
I’m away next week, but the week after should be good!?

ah that’s a pitty, but yeah then let’s go for a beer when you’re back :) bilderbuchi, i’m up for it, you’re giving me a call with details?

meanwhile i’ve tracked it down with ati’s tech support, eyefinity should fully support directx9, so i’m ordering 2 of these cards for now and will report my findings,


Do you have any news on this topic?
I have two eyefinity cards but I did’nt try eyefinity yet.
Did you try it with DisplayPort to DVI dongle?


Any updates on this?

Does it work with Vvvv/DirectX 9 and spanning video?

If so, life would be quite sweet!


more importantly, does it effectively allow span-mode in windows 7?

The website says the following which is quite interesting.

Support is available for Duplicated (Clone) and Extended multiple monitor modes, with new support for the capability to group displays into a massive single large surface spanning across multiple displays for use with your desktop workspace, video playback, with support for both windowed and full screen 3D applications