ATI vs NVIDIA Stretched resolutions


Curently I work’s with an ATI X1900XT and I wasn’t able to set my displays to a 2x 1400x1050 stretched resolution with CATALYST6.7 (Driver automatically goes to a 2x 1600x1200).
It seems that it’s an driver limitation.

NVIDIA 7800GTX doesn’t have this kind of limitation.
Did someone already encountered this problem with ATI cards?


Did someone already encountered this problem with ATI cards?

Sorry to say: yes.

same setup, with 9800XT or so cards. dualhead span mode 1400x1050@50Hz was impossible to set up. Three grown men, brave and skilled technicians, close to tears after two days of fiddling around. Buying NVidia Cards saved us last minute.

Conclusion: Do not use ATI cards if you need control over
a) funny resolutions (say: dualhead 1920x1080),
b) frame rates (like the esoteric 50Hz, oh my God)
c) Dualhead setups.
As it stands, NVidia drivers (while they have their shortcomings, too) are far better configurable. There is also an API and some Pro users have begun to write their own safe-start C++ helper apps to override the control panel settings.

However, having said that, did you try powerstrip, and / or the latest omega drivers?


Working on since a week, trying to setup this kind of resolutions I’ve used:

  • Powerstrip
  • Alternative drivers DHZer0point, Omega, XG WarCat
  • new and old ATI drivers.

I’ve send “Ticket” to ATI support too.

No more succes.

seems to be, that ATI has a Problem with everything above 2048 Pixels. nVidia has no such restrictions in texture Size, etc.

that´s right…

ATI and Matrox has a limitation to a 2k px texture size
(except: All ATI RADEON X1800 and X1900 should support 4K textures with the latest driver)
Nvidias Geforce up to 4k px
SIS and intel are limited to 1k px

@max, btw. what was the url for that nvidia api again? i´d love to have a node for that…

max: me too!!! would love an API :D pretty please :)

on my last job i encountered the same problem…setting ati 1900 XT cards to 2x 1400x1050 (50hz). i managed to get the resolution on both heads with powerstrip BUT not in spanmode. unfortunatelly we needed spanmode.

hopefully ati will make their driver more flexible in the future.