Ati 6850 tearing on eyefinity mode

hey guys

Im using xfx 6850 with 2 miniDP and 1 DVI on eyefinity mode (3072x768) and I can’t fix the tearing problem… the tearing is the same on win desktop as in vvvv. I tried A LOT of combinations, can’t say all because there are too many variables (v-sync mode, aero on/off, resolution, zoom on off, and more catalist options)

The thing is, when the group is not activated, there’s no tearing at all, but the performance having 6 renderers @ 1024x768 is so much worst.

I’m checking the WSGF forums, they blame it to catalist drivers, but for now the betas released didn’t help

any ideas?

That have broken cards sometimes

any way I could check if the cards are broken ?

anyways, I’m testing it with 5 cards, same exact model, and all behave the same

anyone have tried this model ?

wait till new release, if thay blaming drivers it prob drivers
posted anti optimus pettiton on nvidia forums thay cut it off in 20 mins
but you can’t buy anything without optimus and it’s so craply done…
think you prob in same condition with ati spam forums to check your problem is only way

I worked on an ATI HD 7970 3GB and had a similar tearing problem on Windows 7 and VVVV. My resolution was 1080 x 3849 px (Two Full HD TVs stacked vertically). The Eyefinity group on portrait mode made a vertical tearing on the top TV. I was using one HDMI(card) and one DVI(card)>HDMI(TV) converter. Swapped cables nothing.
The tearing didn’t happened with 3849 x 1080 px Eyefinity group landscape mode.
Updated the drivers about 4 months ago and it was the same.
Haven’t tried to fix it since.

ati said this:

there is a lot about tearing with eyefinity on the web. google a bit and tell us the solution, if you find one…

Screen Tearing with Multiple Displays
Possible causes:
The issue can be caused by, but is not limited to, one of the following conditions:

  • Display synchronization is currently not supported across dissimilar display interfaces.
  • Display synchronization is currently not supported across multiple displays with non-identical display timings.

Using the same display interface sounds appropriate.
Can’t test it right now, the machine is not with me anymore.

Does anybody have a tearing problem with Nvidia GTX?
According to their website NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync improves this.

I’m not sure if this helps but maybe related?

Hey, now i’m using ati 7850 with the same tearing problems on eyefinity mode.

I tried to read all forums in the universe, and it seems that there are two possible answers:

1-Problem Can’t be fixed, hardware limitation:

Basically what you have going on is, your middle and right monitor are connected to the true DVI outputs on your card. Your left monitor is connected to the internal DP->DVI (or HDMI) connection. This means your left monitor is actually on the DP channel so it can’t share v-sync with the other 2 monitors when you group them into a single monitor. "

2-Problem can be fixed changing the clock speed:

The second one didn’t work for me.

But I notice there’s a big difference Turning on or off The AERO mode in windows. With aero on, there’s a constant horizontal tearing. With aero off, there’s more like a flickering or irregulear tearing, but noticeable if you move a window fast.

This is really anoying, I could manage to get 8 outputs with 2 X 7850, and the performance with Eyefinity on is great (4x1 on each card) WITH tearing , but with individuals renderers on each output FPS slows down to 10 fps, WITHOUT tearing

just to follow up on this:
we have a HD7870 running with 6 displays without tearing. this card conveniently has 6 mini-displayports.

nota bene:

  • when adapting from displayport to dvi you need active adapters (the ones that came with the card were not usable!)
  • the tearing only went away after all outputs were connected with active adapters and directly to dvi-capable monitors (due to a lack of 6 production monitors initially we had to use one monitor that had only hdmi-input which we adapted to from dvi. this one dvi-hdmi bridge caused tearing on all 6 monitors!)
  • with 6 displays you can only do a 3x2 layout, no 6x1

thanks Joreg

One question: what about using miniDP to Hdmi adapters ?

didn’t try. i think the biggest problem is mixing stuff. probably it works if you use 6 miniDP to Hdmi and 6 hdmi-displays.