AsValue(String) does not update its output proper. Sometimes it seems that other nodes interfere with it. Outputs the default value although the input is correct. Input is a spread of strings(floats converted to strings e.g.: 0.234, 0.478, 0.111, etc.).

cheers, armin
ps: using beta27.0

ai armin, demopatch is missing.

i know. hard to reproduce cause it is a patch within a huge conglomerat of patches. will extract and post a simplified example…

in this example i guess everything is working correct.
within my huge program sometimes the asvalue node does not update its output.
it outs only the default. values are only updated on change, else the default gets out.
the error occurs when i have more than one patch opened and a renderer on a second monitor in full screen.
any idea?

asvalue-test.v4p (6.2 kB)

if this patch doesn’t show the problem it won’t help us much to identify the problem.

while this happens…is there anything in the tty?

srcViewPin or dstViewPin is nil!
corrupt link-message…
ViewNodes not found!

those errors you mention should be unrelated as they are from creating nodes/links. the question was if the running patch returns an error at exactly the moment you observe the error you described.

no, in the moment of error tty says nothing.
it is also sometimes that the output of asvalue flickers very fast between its input and its default value.
is there another way (node) to convert string to value?
otherwise i’ll try to update to latest beta version.

you could use FormatValue (String) instead but it would be really helpful if you could provide a simple patch where we can see that error, as it sounds very strange and should definitely be fixed.

FormatValue(String) can do only “values to strings”.
instead i’d need something for “strings to values”. is there any other node i could use?
g a

ah, right, my bad.
uhm…no. then still your best bet is to show us a demo of the problem so that we can fix it.

are you sure that at times where you say the output jumps to the default that the input-string is a valid value-string? you could S+H the input-string at the moment the output equals the default in order to check that.

in the meantime…

AsValue (String Interim) (3.1 kB)

@joreg: yes, the input-string is correct. it comes from Separate(String). did the s+h before.
if i can’t repro it in a patch i probably could pass by your office next week to show it live…
@bjoern: thanks, this works for now. i put the whole folder into my patches folder. i am using the InterimStringAsValue.csproj. that correct?

ya, come by…i’d really like to see this…

hello bjoern,
i was talking to joreg and he fixed the asvalue bug for beta28.
could you also fix your plugin one more time? would that be possible?
i discovered that on win xp it outputs very wrong, very long values for example:
if input (string): 65000.0000
output (value) is: 650000000
this results in crashing my patches :(
the AsValue (String Interim) it is not recognising resp. interpreting the point (or the comma)…
thanks and kind regards,

This version should work on both OS. (7.7 kB)

works on xp. thanks.