AsValue(String)- how to avoid exponent detection

I’m new to this forum and vvvv, so… hi there mates!

My question is:

in my current project i need to convert a string (consisting of 18 numerical characters) into a value and then later on into a string again. I use AsValue(string) and AsString(value), but the exponent detection gives me some troubles because i can’t properly convert the values back into a string again. Do you know if i can somehow disable this feature or do some kind of workaround?

thx in advance!


Here’s the patch (the goal is to create a “fake” webcam stream in which everybody who looked at the webcam is present, the longer someone looked at it the better (detailed) the work becomes…)

ourwebcam.v4p (126.0 kB)

hei gorg, please provide a patch that demonstrate your problem.

try format value also

can you provide a sample patch which shows your question only? it’s quite hard to regenerate that with your patch (custom pathes, lots of stuff going on at the same time etc.).

why do you convert to a string and compare values as string? you could just use value operators… and please read: spreads