asSVG (SVG) has no transform

BUG or not BUG?

I wanted to use the beautiful PICOL icons ~ and substituted the “Black” color with “red” “green” “blue” “yellow” and run into issues with transforms slices ~ why the group has a transform? where other “group” nodes (ext9 etc) doesn’t have that?

asSVG (String) is missing a transfom pin (circle (SVG), … etc) have that (nomalize (SVG) doesn’t help here too)

the 4 transform slices ar not distributed to the 4 SVGelements.

example attached

BUG_AsSVG_Group(SVG)_substitue(String).v4p (22.1 kB)

the svg file is missing…

yes i could confim thee is something strange …

even if the transform spread is applied to a normalize node afte as SVG … it doesn’t behave as expected:

  • distribute transform slices to SVG shapes

i download the missing file here

and YES picol is a cool icon theme ;-)

wish you well