AsString for time display

how to setup AsString for time output? So that

1 becomes 01
11 stays 11

and so on?

I’d use pad (string). It’s also really handy for sequential file saving.

Pad-Digit.v4p (2.8 kB)

or you could use FormatValue (String)

FomatValueTime.v4p (5.0 kB)

Ok, thanks I forgot about Pad, I was expecting AsString to handle time formats.
Now how do you do it when it is a negative integer? That s tricky as well… The only way I can see is like omitting the minus sign and adding it afterwards.

I think I just set the subtype on that asString to 0-MaxInt, change that and it should work fine.

Format Values is pretty nice, still it s not adding zeros with negative numbers…

… no text …

negativeFormatValue.v4p (3.5 kB)