Assimp (DX11) Transformation Hierarchy


is it somehow possible - using the currently available Assimp nodes in DX11 - to transform some parent node and have the resulting transformation correctly applied to all its children? A little like the SetJoint Base/Animation transforms work.

Check attached patch for wrong behaviour and its hierarchy. The geometry rotates in different directions due to its pivots/parent nodes, desired behaviour would be to only rotate Dummy001 (not some node containing the actual geometry) and have the result propagate down the tree, before outputting all the resulting world transformations. Which results in both tori going the same direction.
This is also a bugger when applying animation channels …

I guess it’s not as straight forward right now as it is inside Unity or some 3d software. This would be my long-term goal, not having to work around these kind of things. Work-around appreciated for the time-being anyway …


Transformation (8.7 kB)

Look on the integral transform

Well, how would you go about hierarchies like this:

- B-0
- B-1
-- C-1-0
-- C-1-1
- B-2
-- C-2-0
--- D-2-0-0
--- D-2-0-1
--- D-2-0-2

For example, I’d like to transform B-2 only, its C and D children just following along.
Node (Assimp) has a recursive option, but no information about the nodes’ level of depth is given, so you can’t really patch the hierarchy without using the distinctive names and entering them by hand …
Also, having some nodes or other smart ways to save us from having large spreads of unity matrices and having to setslice the desired matrices at some indices, would be a delight.

I’d love to not having to collapse the pivot of all objects that belong together in the same place …

in such hierarchy you would need to reorganize your data to follow data structure in vvvv
there SceneExplorer node might help you see hierarchy, and assimp for sure support names of the subsets